Thank you for your interest in supporting my campaign. The number one way to support my campaign is of course, to vote! In addition, tell friends, family and neighbors your voting intentions for Trustee, and ask them to consider supporting me as well.

You can also show your support by requesting a lawn sign. Please note that for production efficiency and in order to comply with certain municipalities' regulations, lawn signs will not be available until mid September.  

Apart from that there are several other ways to show your support. Although much less expensive than any federal or provincial political campaign, municipal and school board races also incur costs such as:
  • Fees associated with domain names, web hosting, and internet connections
  • Costs of printing brochures, business cards, etc.
  • Mailing costs for promotional material / ads , etc.
  • Costs for production of lawn signs
  • Bank fees
The maximum donation to an individual campaign is $1200. The maximum donation that an individual can make to all candidates in one jurisdiction is $5000. All donations that reach or exceed $25 must be made by cheque in order to clearly show where the funds came from. 

Please be aware that any donation to any candidate that exceeds $100 becomes part of a public record once the candidate files their required financial records. If you are interested in supporting my campaign financially I would be very grateful - please email me at Cheques must be made out to 'Robert North Campaign 2018'.

Thank you for your support!